• Agakus – The Star’s Fifth Point is Light now available

    July 29, 2016 | Featured

    Appropriately arriving in the dead heat of Summer, the new cassette from local wasters AGAKUS is now available for purchase. Featuring 8 tracks of trudging, repetitive doom in an ultra-stripped down version, The Star’s Fifth Point is Light traverses a murky and hopeless existence filled with heavy tones, howling vocals, and atmospheric saxophone and french …Continue reading

    John Flannelly’s “Peace & Quiet” Now Available

    April 29, 2016 | Announcements

    We’re pleased to announce the arrival of John Flannelly’s newest/last album Peace & Quiet, a 50 minute journey of electronic tones, harsh melodies, and sensory-overloaded, seizure-inducing videos. Featuring the collaborative effort of 8 Indiana videographers and 2 labels, Peace & Quiet represents John’s final solo opus under his own name, and serves as an appropriate …Continue reading

    Greyscale Triumvirate of T-Shirts

    April 7, 2016 | Featured

    To kick off 2016 (4 months late), we designed and printed up a greyscale triumvirate of new t-shirt designs, each with varying levels of legibility and abstraction. From left to right, the “Inferno Tape” on white, “Digiglitch” on silver, and the elusive “Black Metal” with black on black printing. Each shirt design is limited to …Continue reading