The Lustful Sexlife of a Perverted Nympho Housewife

format: audio-cassette C32 [TYPE I - Voice]
copies: 300 copies [50 pink artist-only copies / 250 white]

music: As the most despicable artist in the Midwest packs up and heads to New York, he does so with a giant middle finger in the air. An absolutely vile soundtrack to match an absolutely filthy concept, TLSOAPNH presents the sounds of vintage audio 8-track porn manipulated and mangled into something which is somehow more disturbing than the original. Moans and imperative commands of sexual prowess come and go throughout a blatantly provocating wail of feedback and saturation. The repetition of abrasion serves as the perfect metaphor to pornography, utter desensitization to the single-tangent nature of its climactic intention.

Notice: A specialized dubbing method has been
employed to ensure destructive audio:

"This tape has been specially designed to play back in a dual-stereo 4 channel configuration. Side A contains the track forwards, while Side B is the same recording backwards. The tracks have been synchronized to play back as a single recording when used with a 4-channel tape head that reads audio linearly, such as found in a typical 4-track cassette recorder."

packaging: Transparent voice-grade tapes with inkjet-printed art inside shell on translucent labels, wrapped inside multiple colors of tied-off condoms. Artwork laser-printed onto white or pink cardstock, laminated with clear shipping tape. Serial number in black ink. Ziploc with handles cut off with front sticker printed in black.

Released February 14th, 2012 CE.

Track 01 - 15:39 - Side One : Forward (motion)
Track 02 - 15:36 - Side Two : Reverse (cowgirl)
Runtime - 31:15 - Minutes


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