• number: Black Mass XXXIV
  • date: 2015.09.30
  • location: Bloomington, Indiana
  • venue: the Artifex Guild
  • time: 9PM
  • cost: FREE
  • type:
  • year:


To close out our second-favorite month of the year, we’re taking a step away from live performances and instead opting for a more atmospheric Black Mass event, featuring the debut public screening of the brand new album Tsalal by Ariadne in its fully-realized audio/visual form.

In addition to weaving almost an hour’s worth of subsonic tones, glitched-out rhythms, ambient atmospheres, and extravagant choral passages, the sounds of Tsalal were developed with visual accompaniment in mind from the very beginning. The videos of Tslal are brooding yet ethereal, depicting a bleak environment of dystopian wastelands and harsh geometric sterility balanced with celestial synchronized bodies of amorphous forms. They were expertly crafted by Ariadne member Benjamin Forest using intensive digital 3-D modeling programs and rendered at a stunning 1080p HD resolution for a crisp, immersive experience.

Tsalal exists as more than simply a collection of songs, music videos, or seemingly-random stimuli; it is a deeply personal journey through an unforgiving digital world, scored by a duo who are absolute masters of their craft. We couldn’t be more excited to share this experience.


NOTICE: We have a limited amount of (comfortable) seating, so show up on time! Doors will open at 9PM, and the screening will start at exactly 9:30PM! No exceptions.


We’ll also have a large batch of homemade caramel corn as a loud, crunchy, distracting treat.