Auris Apothecary is proud to utilize formats of all eras & reproduction method, and we openly embrace the many distinct characteristics of each respective medium. While some have been phased into obsolescence due to flaws in playback, lack of mobility, and ever improving fidelity, they nevertheless hold unique possibilities  for art, packaging, and more. Each release has been carefully curated in regards to format, and we have provided a little bit of info about each one below.

¼" Tape

The definitive consumer format in the world of magnetic audio, ¼" tape holds the potential for great quality and long lengths, as well as the added bonus of mystery content from recycled reels. It is also used to craft tape loops of any length desired.

3½" Floppy Disk

High density, low memory 3½" plastic icon of a past age in computing, capable only of storing 1.44Mb of simple documents and lo-bitrate files.


8-tracks are both poorly manufactured and prone to error, however, their endless-loop nature and faster playback speed allows for unique adaptation of the mediums inherent flaws.


Although externally illogical, our anti-releases serve as a form of audio/visual provocation that attempts to force interaction on the part of the listener by implementing tangible manifestations of abstract concepts. While seemingly unplayable in their presented state, the intention is that the consumer will actively seek a solution to playback rather than settle for the notion they are “art objects.” Our anti-releases often focus on the topic of creation/destruction, but each is governed by a strict enforcement of principles which we stand by. The first being that there must always be actual, consciously-created audio/visual material contained within, and the second being that the material must be playable or salvageable in some form. Anti-releases are not masturbation - they are experimentation.


Classic 1/8" analog tape inside vibrant colored shells, with warm fidelity and unmistakable character. Signal to noise ratios and frequency response vary, from the lowest quality voice-grade Ferric to the highest quality Chrome+, with each iteration in the middle serving a distinct purpose.


Ultra-fidelity compact discs of digital data, playable in all standard computers, car stereos, DVD players, etc. Glass-mastered & replicated for the highest quality.


Ultra-fidelity compact discs of digital data, with two common sizes and the ability for shapes. Capable of being written as audio discs or data discs, they are flexible in their uses and can hold large amounts of material. CDr's are most often made as clear polycarbonate discs with a metalized coating designed to be read by laser. The cheapest & highest quality physical option currently available.


The most progressive yet intangible of the physical formats, digital mediums consist of data being written in binary to varying forms of flash memory, disk-based hard drive systems, and other seemingly magical methods of data reproduction from the modern era. With variances in storage space and physical size, digital formats are easy to implement and universally accessible on a plethora of devices, capable of storing a near infinite amount of files types and audio/visual media.


Digital audio & visual data reproduction, with the ability to play back 480p standard definition video natively in numerous devices. Also holds the potential for 4.7 GB of data and more.

Glue Record

Glue records are extremely fragile imprints of vinyl masters specially cut for transfer, with playback traveling from the inside out. Flexible and extremely unpredictable, their fidelity is questionable at best.

Lathe Cut Record

One of the oldest forms of recorded sound, lathe cutting is the manual process of making records one at a time, with each unit taking as long as the audio material to make. While fidelity is inconsistent, an assortment of unique substances can be used in their creation, and due to not needing a stamper and conventional pressing techniques, editions can be made in any range of sizes.


1/8" tape inside a housing that is humorously small with fidelity to match, sounding almost like an antique AM radio. With two speed settings of 1.2 cm/s & 2.4 cm/s, their frequency response is a narrow spectrum but capable of increased lengths.


1/2" magnetic tape inside a large self-contained housing, full of possibilities in both audio and visual art. High-quality 20Hz-20kHz frequency response in stereo, though only capable of standard definition (480p) video with a distinct wow & flutter.

Vinyl Record

The most timeless of all formats, utilizing physical waveforms cut directly into a lacquer, then transferred through imprinting into hardened PVC pellets to form a perfect replica each time. High fidelity but slight surface noise.