Intentionally low-fidelity avant-garde doom soundtrack for mournful situations & meditations, crafted from improvisational recordings of vintage auditory devices in varying states of decay blending with dreariness in the vein of slowed down classical guitar vinyl records.


Vintage recycled reel to reel cases with high-resolution image of original box art, silver silk-screened cover/back/insert, black silk-screened disc artwork enclosed in black paper sleeve, silver wax sealing, hand numbered, inserts/track-listing hand-typed on a vintage typewriter. Comes with black on black silk-screened Auris Apothecary patch.


01 – 02:11 – Prologue
02 – 05:31 – Re:verses of Decay in 1939’s Kodascope Mass for Arachnid
03 – 02:18 – Transcriptions of Subterranean Meteorological Phenomena in the Galaxie Deluxe
04 – 06:08 – Vinyl Etchings Containing Hymns of the Sacred Greek Orthodox Funeral
05 – 08:05 – Electro-Syncing Static Keys in the City of Dead Sound
06 – 06:22 – Recitations of the Reel Rhythm in a Stern Seasonal Stereophonic Headphone Set
07 – 02:30 – Epilogue