• catalog: AAX-051
  • artist:
  • title: Summer of 2011 EP
  • format: cassette C30 [TYPE I - Ferric] | -
  • release date: 2011.08.27
  • edition size: 150
  • duration: 00:14:48
  • accessibility:
  • availability:


Indiana-based PESSOA have been known to incite a sing-along that would put most famous bands to shame. With a sound that harks back to classic emo bands of the 90’s, PESSOA emerges as their own entity with beautiful instrument interplay and a melodic value that endures throughout. PESSOA recorded these songs in their practice space with a single microphone to perfectly capture their live, full-range sound with the addition of a new bass player. With old-school zine-style black and white artwork and colorful tapes, the Summer of 2011 EP stands as an audible portrait of PESSOA in their prime.


B/w artwork inside clear hardshell cases. Blue or green tapes with white imprinting, serial number in blue or green ink.


A1 – 01:45 – Nine Weeks, Give or Take
A2 – 02:43 – Old Kicks / New Moves
A3 – 01:03 – Goddamn
A4 – 03:34 – Swing Our Legs
A5 – 01:17 – The Coming Up Right