A dual-album collection featuring the earliest works of Charnel House, recorded and released in extremely limited quantities on Sygil Records in 2010. Although later formed into a male/female duo with a slew of releases under their belt, these first two albums – both nameless – consisted of the solo audio experimentations of Adam Sommer in his most primitive form.

Recorded straight to cassette on an analog 8-track mixer, Voiceless Hymns contains almost an hour of dissonant, hazy guitar melodies performed asynchronously over pulsing drum blasts and eerie samples. With a fidelity that pays homage to the bleakest of production styles, the sound spectrum travels between the free-form nature of avant-garde and the churning, rotten tones of black metal.


– Transparent red cassette with black/clear labels
– Linen drawstring pouch with black silkscreen printed art on front and back
– Black laser-printed insert on red cardstock
– Fragments of bone inside miniature vials


Charnel House [self-titled]
A1 – 06:59 – Abominable
A2 – 07:39 – From Flies’ Wings
A3 – 02:31 – Combustion Engine
A4 – 04:55 – Erase Relief
A5 – 05:04 – Contristo
A6 – 07:31 – In Time, Time is Zero

Charnel House/Agakus Split
B1 – 02:44 – Introduction
B2 – 07:30 – Infinite Instance
B3 – 06:42 – Borax Pillow