• catalog: AAX-117
  • artist:
  • title: Say At Last : I Who Will Forever Evil, Yet Do Forever Good
  • format: cassette C40 [TYPE II - Chrome+] | -
  • release date: 2015.09.29
  • edition size: 100
  • duration: 00:38:20
  • accessibility:
  • availability:


The newest full-length from the world-traveling, nomadic tour-machine known as Joey Molinaro, a classically-trained violinist who has spent the better part of a decade fusing the extreme intensity of genres like grindcore and black metal with the sophistication of a full-blown symphony. IWWFE, YDFG is, in our minds, the most mature album yet from this relentless artist, featuring his trademark overblown chaos with a refined, poetic reservation that utilizes more instruments than ever before (all played by Joey Molinaro himself). With a crushing production and high-fidelity, pro-duplicated Chrome+ tape stock, IWWFE, YDFG is a dynamic album that invokes all the right emotions while simultaneously tearing them down.


– Pro-dubbed Chrome+ transparent red cassettes
– Black/white paper labels on cassette shell
– Black/white 12-page zine with clear/red transparent overlay
– Download card


A1 – 01:16 – Kayla
A2 – 06:02 – The Answer
A3 – 06:07 – Simon the Vain
A4 – 04:40 – The Immolationary and the Little Hedgehog, Lost in the Fog
A5 – 01:06 – The Flying Dream
B1 – 04:08 – I See My Lover, She
B2 – 07:46 – Infinite Midnight Suite
B3 – 07:11 – Constant Autumn