Agakus – The Star’s Fifth Point is Light

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INFO: On “The Star’s Fifth Point is Light,” AGAKUS and his crew of wasters invoke a simple but effective mantra of trudging repetition and distorted tones, with howling vocals of misanthropy over the top and the bizarrely ethereal addition of French horn and saxophone filling out the sonic void. Dense, layered saturation permeates the whole of the album, the sum of six members each providing a slice of dissonance and forming into a single blackened pie filled with filth. There is little respite on “TSFPIS” save for a few moments of hazy melancholy peppered throughout tracks, and the formula balances to create a sprawling doom rock opus that is at times reserved, but never once hopeful.

Housed in 2-color screenprinted chipboard boxes with 10 inserts printed on black 140lb paper with white ink. Red cassette with black imprinting on the shell.

FORMAT: cassette C40 [TYPE II – Cobalt – pro-dubbed]


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