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Since its inception, we wanted Black Mass to be more than just concerts casually thrown together. We envisioned a cohesive aesthetic in the form of ambient lighting, video projections, stunning posters, archives of footage, and a distinct focus on heavy, dark, weird, and/or experimental offerings.

Throughout the many years of its existence, we’ve printed more posters and handbills than we can even count, and despite a growing push towards online and digital-only event promotion, we’ve proudly continued the age-old tradition of plastering kiosks, store windows, and alleyways with our flyers.

We’ve collected some of the leftover back-stock and are offering them for a meager price to those interested in procuring copies for themselves.

– Assorted Sizes
– French Paper stock
– Water-based Speedball inks
– Printed at In Case of Emergency Press– Shipped rolled up in a tube

SKU: POSTERS Category:


Black Mass XLII, Black Mass XL – Yellow, Black Mass XL – Green, Black Mass XXXIX, Black Mass XXVIII, Black Mass XXVII

Catalog # POSTERS
Weight 15 oz
Dimensions 15 x 5 x 5 in