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INFO: HOU is an artist we’ve been working with since our earliest days, for reasons beyond simply our friendship. Although he started as a drummer playing progressive metal and intricate melodic rock, HOU has spent a large portion of his career crafting electronic music that is an acute balance of smooth, laid-back melodies and energetic progressions. Trichronum, his newest album, is an hour long journey split across 3 miniature 3″ CD’s, and features his most mature work to date. At most times introspective and downbeat, Trichronum nevertheless tips the scale when necessary and approaches glitch territory and harsh tones with perfect reserve. HOU makes utilitarian soundtracks to a future world of neon lights and technological wonders decaying in slow motion, and Trichronum is his crowning achievement to date in establishing this aesthetic.

Packaged as a 12″ black foamboard square with white screen-printed art.

FORMAT: 3x 3″ CDr

SKU: AAX-130 Categories: ,

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