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INFO: Baptism is a nearly 15-minute composition whose creation was wholly influenced by and embraces the concept of water. Featuring the sounds of numerous tiny objects manipulated through a bucket of water, and enhanced with melodic musings of thumb-piano, Baptism is simultaneously soothing and unnerving. A persistent undercurrent of shuffling static fills the void with an organic, constantly evolving breath of life, serving as a jarring contradiction to the ethereal, reverb-dipped moments of thumb-piano. The piece feels like a metaphorical representation of the physical act of baptisms, as the sounds of water rushing over you fade into the calming bliss of an oxygen-less euphoria.

Baptism is quite literally a fully transparent cassette completely submerged in water. While the felt pad and metal plate have been removed to prevent rust & corrosion, the remaining plastic shell & magnetic tape inside remain almost entirely unaffected by the water, awaiting an opportunity to be played back in its new, cleansed form.

  • Transparent screw-less prison shell cassette submerged in distilled water
  • Hand-scratched “R” and “F” on corresponding sides of tape
  • Felt pad & metal plate removed
  • Clear plastic jars with black screw-top lids
  • Screen-printed clear labels with black enamel ink
  • Serial numbered in black ink

NOTICE: Due to the nature of mailing liquids, all copies of Baptism will ship by themselves, sealed in two ziploc bags and a custom-sized shipping box. By purchasing, you acknowledge the potential for leaking and accept the possibility of receiving a slightly wet release.

FORMAT: anti-cassette C30 [TYPE II – Chrome+]


SKU: AAX-154 Categories: ,

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Catalog # AAX-154
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