Shrouded Elk – Absolute Dominion


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INFO: Serving as the spiritual summation of the SHROUDED ELK mantra (“fuck humanity, worship earth”), Absolute Dominion is a single potent track of voracious intent, detailing misanthropic visions of society’s end and the rise of the natural order. Whereas SHROUDED ELK’s demo Skeletal Forests focused on darkness, Absolute Dominion channels light. Through grinding blast beats and supersonic guitar tones, SHROUDED ELK revels in the concept of humanity’s demise, with lyrics as unsubtle as “die humans, die humans” and “the end of civilization / cities as fertilization / organic dispensation / utopic transformation,” and delivered using an array of vocal styles ranging from high-pitched shrieks and distorted howls to whispers in Latin and monk-like chants. Although it clocks in at under 3 minutes runtime, Absolute Dominion is an acutely-honed representation of SHROUDED ELK’s potential, serving as a proper debut after years spent in quiet hibernation.

Absolute Dominion has been cut onto recycled laserdiscs and screen-printed with ultra-permanent enamel ink on the B-side, creating a transcendent artifact that shimmers with brilliance.

Laserdisc housed inside screen-printed white glossy jackets with hand-numbered insert.

FORMAT: one-sided 12″ lathe cut laserdisc

SKU: AAX-135 Categories: ,

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