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INFO: A super short blast of ultra lo-fi carnival-esque grindcore from the Butcher, a side-project of Annabel Lee that formed, recorded, and disbanded in the Winter of 1999. Releasing only a single, poorly recorded “full length” of 12 songs clocking in at 6 minutes and 47 seconds, the Butcher was half tongue in cheek satire and half unfiltered aggression, performing a handful of shows donning aprons covered in blood and spitting out sub-minute tracks with titles like “Too Many Keg Stands, Too Many Kids” and “Lost: Husband and Dog. Last Seen Fishing. Award for Dog.” The lack of musical complexity matches the shallowness of the track titles, but “Churn America” delivers on its mission of unadulterated outbursts that come and go in the span of a “normal” track’s chorus.

Black square lathe cut record inside screen-printed gatefold jackets.

FORMAT: one-sided 7″ lathe cut record – polycarbonate

SKU: AAX-134 Categories: ,

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Catalog # AAX-134
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